Roll Tops (Roller Shutters) Ford Ranger

Rolltop protects your contents in the bed. The Rolltop or Roller Shutter as it is called, functions as a curtain/shutter that you can easily roll in and out. For bulky loads, the Rolltop can be opened completely, halfway or closed, with a lock, to protect your tools and equipment. The bed is also protected from the elements and the slats are made of aluminium for the best results.

Reach hatch lock for pick-up trucks in stainless steel.

A stainless steel rear hatch lock that is the perfect solution for pick-up trucks.
62 £
Exclude 20 % vat

Load rails suitable for Flat Top rails.

Includes a stand kit to clamp around the rails (4x) and (2x) pipe kit is 175cm.
537 £
Exclude 20 % vat
Ford Ranger Roll Tops

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