Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


This code has been established to emphasize the fundamental principles that govern our business, our day-to-day operations for employees, and our relationship with employees, customers, suppliers, and its subcontractors.

The Code of conduct stipulates that Work Systems' operations shall be characterized by compliance with the laws and regulations we are subject to, but also that these constitute a minimum for our conduct.

The requirements of this Code of Conduct are based on the Principles of the UN Global Compact and the guiding standard ISO 26000 on social responsibility in the areas of human rights, environment, anti-corruption and working environment


For Work System, responsibility for sustainability is an important part of business. We take our responsibility for sustainable development and work for continuous improvements within the organization and through the supply chain. The Code describes the principles we will apply within the business regarding sustainability from a social, environmental, business, safety, and work environment perspective.

Work System strives to have a business that contributes in a positive and sustainable way to the society in which we operate.

All operations lead to environmental impact of various kinds and Work System shall strive to minimize all environmental impact by making active, sustainable choices. We always comply with national environmental legislation, we work to prevent serious environmental pollution, apply the precautionary principle, and constantly seek knowledge about and strive to minimize our environmental impact.

We strive to minimize all types of waste, as well as water and energy during use or through methods such as product changes, maintenance processes, material exchange or preservation, recycling, and reuse of materials.


Speed - Simplicity - Pride - Ambassadors - Joy

These should permeate this code, our business, our relationships, and our employee ship. Relationships within work system and between Work System and its suppliers and customers should be characterized by honesty and integrity.


Our employees are our most important resource and Work System strives to be an attractive and fair employer. We advocate openness, participation, and honesty for an engaging, creative, and effective work environment.

Activities such as recruitment, salary setting, education and promotion are based on competence and qualifications for the positions and without regard to national origin, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs, trade union participation, marital status, or functional variations. Diversity
strengthens our business with more perspectives, different competences and increased understanding of different needs and expectations.

Work System does not tolerate any form of harassment or violence in the workplace.

Work System has a Systematic Work Environment Management with the aim of preventing physical, organizational and psychosocial work environment risks and promoting a safe, secure, and sustainable work environment. This work is based on participation and cooperation within the business for a common goal, the safety and well-being of each employee.

Work system seeks mutual loyalty. As an employee, you are not involved in activities or hold positions that may conflict with the employer's business interests. As an employer, we involve employees through transparency in communication, participation in various processes and through trust and trust.


Honesty and integrity in all contacts with our customers is a prerequisite for profitable and sustainable business relationships. We provide our customers with accurate product information and only provide expectations for our products and our company that we can live up to. Our core values should be reflected in all customer relationships through easy and fast service.

Work System delivers products that constitutes a work environment factor for the customer, which requires product quality and safety to be of the utmost importance at all our stages, from development to production, assembly, and installation. We strive for continuous improvement and development.

We have a professional relationship where the honest business is in focus. We don't deal with bribery or corruption.


Work System expects suppliers and their subcontractors to conduct their business in accordance with the highest standards, principles and norms set out in this Code of Conduct. Work System will follow up on compliance with the requirements of the Code of Conduct, which includes the right to conduct on-the-spot audits.

Work System is willing to assist suppliers and their subcontractors in interpreting the principles and requirements set out in the Code of Conduct. Work System expects suppliers to communicate the Code of Conduct to employees and subcontractors in an understandable way for them.

Work Systems suppliers and their subcontractors shall comply with the laws and regulations applicable in the country in which they operate. If any of the requirements of this code conflict with the laws of the country of business, the legislation shall take precedence. If political or cultural circumstances make it difficult to meet specific requirements set out in this code, Work System expects the provider to notify this for a discussion of alternative measures.

Work System encourages suppliers and its subcontractors to work according to principles for any recognized environmental management system such as ISO 14001 or quality management systems such as ISO 9001. Work System does not require suppliers to be certified in quality and environment, but they should be able to show routines for how they work systematically within the areas.