About us

About us

Van racking and accessories for vans, pickups and other vehicles for professional use are our passion. With our affordable premium solutions, we at Work System create order in your mobile workshop without compromising on safety. Thanks to our wide range, we can tailor a complete solution to suit your service vehicle. Fast delivery and an optional professional installation are just as much a part of our service as our generous warranties.



Work System was founded in 2009 by Jonas Hallenborg and David Nord in Småland, Sweden. Innovative product development together with talented employees have laid the foundation for the success of our smarter van equipment.
Through continuous growth, Work System is now represented at 23 locations and ProPartners within Sweden as well as in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium.

Work System has experienced strong, continuous growth and business expansion since its establishment. The five Gasell awards and the title "Supergasell" by the Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri confirm the position as a leading company in the industry.
With the help of an investor, Entreprenör Invest AB, which is owned by the foundation of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, Work System's ownership structure was further strengthened.
The aim is to further establish ourselves in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible solutions within van equipment, racking, accessories and service. 

Welcome to Work System - we look forward to hearing from you. We will immediately create an individual proposal for your van - at an unrivaled low price


Work System offers premium solutions at unrivaled prices and the best service on the market. With a 100% focus on van equipment, van racking and accessories, we use order and structure to create the basis for maximum efficiency and the best working conditions and safety for service vehicles.

Work System is a One-Stop-Shop, where you can find everything you need in terms of equipment to customise your service vehicle. All our racking solutions are based on a modular concept so that shelving und underfloor units can be adapted exactly to your specific needs. Our priority is your work vehicle, and our solutions can help make your everyday life safer and more efficient.


Safety is a top priority for us, and we carry out crash tests on our installations and products to ensure that the design and construction are the best and safest available on the market. There are no official safety requirements for van racking, but we make sure that our tests are thorough and that our solutions remain safe and in place in the event of an accident.

This work includes everything from first aid kits to crash safety. In the event of an accident, it is important to us that the consequences for our customers are as minimal as possible.

Crash safety is always a vital part of our product development process, which can be summarised as follows:

- FEM simulations
- Pressure tests in our own test lab
- Third-party crash tests
- Full-scale real-world crash tests – see our latest project
- All fitters within Work System and its ProPartners are trained and certified in installation and assembly for maximum crash safety.  



Work System always strives to make as small an environmental footprint as possible. The entire production plant in Tenhult (head office) is mostly powered by its own 1000 m2 solar farm on the roof. Major focus is given to the use of recycled materials such as the company’s popular modular boxes, which are made from 100% recycled plastic material.



At Work System, it's important for us that we make quick decisions, submit quick quotations and offer fast deliveries.


Everything we send out at Work System should be something we are proud of, whether it's a quotation, a drawing or a vehicle with our installations.


At Work System, we should be easy to contact, and at the same time we should have simple policies and descriptions.


At Work System, we are all salespeople and proud ambassadors, which means that we treat each other and our customers fairly.