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The Ford Transit Van has been a staple of British roads for years. The biggest of all the vans in the Ford range has been manufactured since 1965. Sales of the Transit have reached over 8 million worldwide making it one of the most popular vans of all time.

Work System AB offer a full and comprehensive range of van shelving for increased storage solutions for this iconic vehicle.
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Work System has years of experience working with both standard and customised van racking to provide solutions tailored to you and your van. Our high quality, experience and broad knowledge combined with high standards of product development and testing make us a leading player in the van racking and shelving industry. Our assortment consists of both simple and more advanced racking systems, where the basic units consist of shelves and frames and the more advanced units have various drawer combinations and much more. We can create a system perfectly adapted for you and your business. Our racking fits perfectly to Ford Transit. Using our racking you can efficiently store your tools, spare parts and other components saving you time and money. All our racking systems are design and manufactured in Sweden. All the systems are tested by SP (Swedish Technical Research Institute) to make sure they meet the most stringent safety measures.

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V-SDH4 For The Transit L3

The V-SDH4 410 shelves include four drawers facing the sliding door. In the section by the rear doors, the rack comes with shelf-space for tools, cases and other objects. This rack was made for the Transit L3.
658 £
Excluding VAT

V-Basic For The Transit L3

The V-Basic shelf is usually installed on the passenger's side between the sliding door and the rear doors. The rack is available for almost all van models including the Transit L3. Suggested accessories: With a depth of 410 mm the shelf is easily filled with Work System's sturdy rack boxes (box 16).
427 £
Excluding VAT

H-Basic For the Transit L3

Work System's H-Basic shelf is our standard racking option for a Transit L3. The rack offers three shelves for tools, tool cases, bits of pipes and other items. Larger objects can be stowed safely behind the floor rail on the van's floor.
746 £
Excluding VAT

H-LS3 For the Transit L3

The H-LS3 van racking with three drawers is Work System’s most sold shelf. The drawers are usually fitted by the van’s rear doors. Alternatively, they can be installed opposite the sliding door. The featured H-LS3 shelf was designed for the Transit L3.
935 £
Excluding VAT

Long Tool Shelf 50 mm

This long tool shelf is mounted under the top shelf of a 410 mm deep rack. The front is closed and items can be pushed in through the brackets from the rear of your van. The holder measures 50 mm from top to bottom.
46 £
Excluding VAT

Ladder Holder 2000

For ladders with a length of up to 2 m. The ladder holder is bolted to the roof on the inside of the cargo hold.
156 £
Excluding VAT

About Work System


We develop and sell vehicle racking systems for vans and other service vehicles. Most of our solutions are locally produced in the Småland region of Sweden. Småland is not only a well known Swedish holiday destination and setting for Astrid Lindgren's books but also well known for its people's entrepreneurial drive and for being a centre for innovative entrepreneurship. The opportunities to cooperate with suppliers locally contributed largely to our company's success.

In Småland we found everything we needed to successfully start our own business. Our families and friends spent many nights with us working on our ideas and we are eternally grateful for their support. Right now, we have 50 amazing employees who focus all their energies to fill our Work System dream with life and provide our customers with great products and great service.


With its innovative product development and cutting-edge production methods, Work System offers its customers smart racking system solutions for their vehicles at competitive prices.
As our customers' needs differ, we have developed a modular range of racking solutions which can satisfy all types of customer requirements. Our systems belong to the most flexible of its kind in Europe. All shelves are designed in a modular manner which means they can be adapted to your needs. Additionally, Work System solutions can be flexibly extended due their modularity. Thus, you do not have to buy everything at once. Should you for instance need an additional drawer unit in the future this can be easily added to your existing racking system.


Quality matters to us. We listen to our customers' feedback and our racking systems are regularly tested and improved. We use state-of-the-art simulation techniques and send critical parts of our product range to the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden for crash testing.

The materials we use in production are mostly processed by robots which ensures high precision and lower production costs. All drawers run on ball-bearing rails which mean they can also be operated smoothly when heavily loaded.

We are confident that our products will serve your needs and are happy to offer you a free 36 months guarantee on our whole range of vehicle racking systems (terms and conditions apply).


For most of our customers the most effective use of their van's loading capacity and working time are the two major factors influencing their buying decision. However, many forget the most important factor - safety. Securing all materials and tools safely in your car protects not just you but also others whilst driving your vehicle. Check out our product videos to see what might happen if cargo is not safely secured during a collision.