The most powerful bar on the market!

The most powerful bar on the market!

The most powerful bar on the market with unique features for secure loading on the roof. We're now launching the next generation of our roof equipment, where design, function and innovation combine.

Our Work Bar roof racks are designed for tough conditions and to withstand heavy cargo, making it the most powerful bar on the market. The sturdy design gives high durability while the roof racks are quieter than the previous generation. The roof racks also feature clever, unique features that make loading easier and allow for neat, high-quality installation by hiding cables in the rack. 


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Our patent-pending Flex Strip, which is located in the rack, allows you to insert and remove accessories for loading without having to cut or remove the railing.

The roof feet are easily attached to the vehicle with a model-adapted rubber spacer for optimum fit. The height at which the roof rack is fitted can be adjusted using clear height indications to bring the bars to the same level. The cover protects against water and allows you to hide cables for work lights and warning lights.

We're also launching unique accessories for the roof racks, which make it easy for you to secure cargo on your vehicle's roof. Our new cargo stops can easily be twisted in wherever you need them, and can also be stored at the back of the roof rack without getting in the way when not in use. We also offer cargo hooks that are fitted without having to remove the end cover and which can easily be pushed sideways to the desired position.

It's a good idea to combine the accessories with a tensioning strap or a tensioning belt for even more secure attachment to the roof.

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