Ladder rack/Cargo rack

Art. Nr:T6-295-J35-60

Ladder rack/cargo rack which facilitates the storage and lashing of ladders and other loads on the vehicle roof.
419 £
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Length: 3000 mm
Height: 170 mm
Width: 335 mm
Weight: 16.8 KG


Mounting time: 80 Min
Shipped within: 1 Day
Warranty: 36 Mon
Product information
Load retainer with our own design that makes the handling of ladders and other loads on the roof of the vehicle much easier. The design is based on placing the cargo on a load roller and then rolling it to the robust front section of the load retainer. Thanks to holes in the sides of the load retainer, it's easy to fasten the load in place with lashing straps.

Adjustable width: 33.5 cm to 62 cm.
Installed on our roof racks
3000 mm length:
170 mm height:

Lashing strap

Straps with automatic rewinding make it quick to secure the load as well as easy to store.
16 £
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Tensioning strap

Tensioning strap for easier lashing.
9.98 £
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Load anchor FLEX (pair)

Secure your cargo using our load anchors. You can easily slide them sideways to the desired position.
24 £
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FLEX Load stop (pair)

With our load stops, you can easily secure your cargo to the roof.
32 £
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Conduit box Thule Professional

Thule Professional Conduit box, made of aluminium, for easy and safe loading of your longer items.
461 £
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Draw wire kit Thule

The draw wire kit is a must for your Thule conduit box if you're not using products of the same length. Allows you to store tubes in separate spaces, or to route tubes that have been hidden further inside.
68 £
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