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We install and sell a proven range of extra lights and work lights, such as low-built, waterproof and durable LED headlights for demanding outdoor environments. Interior LED strips, for example, are installed in ceilings. With buttons, IR sensors, time relays or to the transport vehicle's original light are some examples of how they can be connected. Our extra lights and work lights are carefully selected and we always test our products thoroughly before they are released onto the market. This includes for corrosion testing and light testing. If you can't find what you're looking for, we'll help you find the right products and customisations for your specific needs.
Auxiliary lights and LED bars on your work or passenger vehicle Price example 71 £

Extra Lights & LED Bars

ACT-tested extra lights and long-lasting LED ramps. We have model-adapted kits in various lengths for recessed installation in the grill or mounted on the front arch.
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Individual auxiliary lights and accessories Price example 12 £

Extra Light Brackets and Accessories

Attachments and accessories for extra lights.
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Work lights for your vehicle. Price example 20 £

Work Lights

Lighting for and in your vehicle helps you to see and find tools and assortments more easily in dark work days.
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Accessories for work lights - control systems, keypads and articulated cables Price example 12 £

Accessories - Work Light

Accessories for work lights - control systems, keypads and articulated cables.
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