Floors, Walls & Ceilings Berlingo L1

Model-adapted cladding for floors, ceilings and walls in sandwich polypropylene (plastic). Compared to many other materials, this reduces weight, insulates and reduces noise.

Floor for Berlingo & Partner L1

Protective floor with cargo hooks and edging strips.
253 £
Exclude 20 % vat

Ceiling for Berlingo & Partner L1

Protective cladding Ceiling
147 £
Exclude 20 % vat

Walls for Berlingo & Partner L1

Protective cladding walls
224 £
Exclude 20 % vat

FAQ for Floors, Walls & Ceilings

The floor forms the foundation of the cargo area, and our protective floors shield the vehicle from scratches, damage, and spills. They also have a special coating for moisture and slip resistance. Additionally, the protective floor provides a perfect and stable base for anchoring other interior equipment.

Our protective linings are always custom-made for the specific vehicle model. By using the vehicle selector found in the menu, you can easily filter for roof linings that fit your specific vehicle.


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