Protective Cladding & Load Securing Dacia

If you invest in internal protective cladding from day one, you can be sure of minimal wear and tear, and the vehicle interior is like new even after many years of use. We have customer interior cladding sizing, but we can also help you with tailor-made cladding from our own workshops. Compared to traditional wooden walls (HDF panels, poplar plywood, etc.) Sandwich Polypropylene is a material with many advantages such as significantly lower weight, the plastic itself is a dead material that does not "warp" from moisture and is insulating and sound-dampening.
Complete kit of protective cladding for your work vehicle Price example 38 £


Here you will find complete kits for the protective lining of your transport vehicle.
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Protective cladding and load securing for floors, walls and ceilings. Price example 38 £

Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Protective cladding for floors, walls and ceilings
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Load securing for your work vehicle Price example 38 £

Cargo Securing Kit

Securing your cargo is important for safety and ensuring your load is intact after transport. Here you will find kits for securing loads.
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Accessories for securing loads for your work vehicle Price example 5 £

Cargo Securing Accessories

Here you will find everything from traditional lashing eyes and straps to more modern solutions such as aluminium loadspace rails and cargo rails, etc.
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