Wind Deflectors Citroen Berlingo racking systems | Work System

Wind deflectors are available for both bonnets and windows. A bonnet wind deflector reduces the risk of stone chipping on your hood and windscreen. With a bonnet protector, you avoid unsightly marks and scratches, while preserving the paint finish on the vehicle. It also redirects the air flow slightly, which means that there are fewer dead flies on the windscreen. A bonnet wind deflector also gives the vehicle a "cool look”. If you want more ventilation in your vehicle but avoid a draught, a side window deflector is a good alternative. Air circulation is improved and windows do not become foggy on rainy days. A wind deflector also helps reduce dirt and snow on the side window and on the rear view mirror, giving you a better view. With a side window deflector, you can have the windows partially open without getting snow and rain into the cab.

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