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Here you will find bed equipment and accessories adapted for pick-ups. The moulded cap has stainless steel hinges and a central lock on the tailgate and delivered in the same high quality as our other products. The side windows can be opened for easy access. The windscreen can also be opened for easy cleaning of the rear window of the vehicle. All the windows of the cap are tinted and the rear window has a defroster that is connected to the defroster button on the vehicle. We paint the cap in the vehicle's colour and the inside of the floor cover is lined with a durable felt fabric. Our tonneau cover not only protect the load against the weather. The risk of theft is dramatically reduced as the cover is lockable. The tonneau cover is made of aluminium and can withstand an overlying load of up to 50kg. A clever hinge design makes the cover removable in minutes. The Rolltop is a smart and flexible solution for those of you with varying needs. The Rolltop functions as a curtain/shutter that you can easily roll in and out. For bulky loads, the Rolltop can be opened completely, halfway or closed, with a lock, to protect your tools and equipment. The bed is also protected from the elements and the slats are made of aluminium for the best results.
High-quality moulded hardtops (bed caps). Price example 858 £

Hardtop (Bed Caps)

High-quality hardtops (bed caps) that protect against weather, wind and theft.
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Roll tops to protect your bed contents. Price example 537 £

Roll Tops (Roller Shutters)

Flexible roll tops to protect your contents at the pick-up.
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