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Here you will find connection kits for inverters and batteries.

Dc/DC Charger D250SE 20A Charging between batteries.

D250SE The new technology between a starter battery and an extra battery. Works like a powerful built-in charger when you’re on the go.
340 £
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Connection kit for inverter 300-700W

The inverter connection kit includes a red & black 16 mm cable, fuse holder, fuse, cable lugs and battery monitor.
155 £
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Smartpass 120 (Increases charging 120A when D250SA is installed)

Separates, prioritises & improves batteries and equipment. NB! This device is a slave to the D250SA and does not operate independently.
366 £
Exclude 20 % vat

FAQ for Inverter and Battery Connection Kit

It depends on the inverter's model and capacity. A standard wiring kit for an inverter usually includes cables to connect the inverter to the battery as well as any fuses or fuse holders to protect the system. It is important to choose a wiring kit that matches the inverter's power consumption and the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure optimal performance and safety.


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