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Art. nr.4-BDJ-L2H2-Y10-H-ENKEL

Accessories shown in the picture are not included.

All purchases come with instructions for mounting the unit as well as the screws and fittings for installation.

Our racking systems are modular which means they can be easily extended or completed after the initial purchase. Should you and your business have special requirements, feel free to contact our UK customer helpline for advice or an individualised drawing fitting your
needs and vehicle perfectly.

Shelf Frame

Work Systems shelf frames are based on a self-supporting construction design, for stable and safer mounting.
We use Dx51 steel plates with a coated Aluminium zinc surface providing extra durability, corrosion protection and a sleek finish.
To allow our customers to maximise their load space, the shelf frames have punched holes for various accessories such as hooks and smart boxes.
Work System provides 36-month warranty on all racking products.


Our shelves are designed to be self-supporting allowing Work System products to be light and stable.
All shelves are made of AZ185 Aluminum-zinc coated Dx51 steel plate with varying thickness for as light a design as possible, which also provides excellent protection against corrosion and a sleek finish. The shelves have a 5.2 cm high lip, which helps to keep your items in place.
The length and depth of the shelves vary depending on the size of the system and the vehicle in which the racking unit is to be fitted.
We also offer dividers and boxes for all our racking units. Allowing our customers further storage solutions.

Floor Rail

All Work System floor rails are made of AZ185 Aluminum-zinc coated Dx51 steel plate with varying thickness for as light a design as possible, which also provides excellent protection against corrosion and a sleek finish.
Floor rails come in various different lengths and thickness to help keep the weight of the unit as low as possible but also providing extra stability for your unit.


Our cleverly designed drawers are the most spacious drawers on the market in relation to the space that they take up within our racking units. A staggering 92% of the space they occupy within a unit can be utilised. As the drawers have no frames round them other than the chassis at the side they are lighter in weight.
All Work System drawers are made of 0.7mm AZ185 Aluminum-zinc coated Dx51 steel plate designed to be as light as possible, this also provides excellent protection against corrosion and a sleek finish. They come with a stainless-steel latch system to prevent them from opening while the vehicle is in motion.
Work System drawers are fitted onto heavy-duty telescopic rails with ball bearings for a smooth opening and closing.
Dividers and rubber mats can be fitted to all Work System drawers to provide more storage options and to help eliminate vibrations during travel.

Speak to us on the phone or email us for more information.

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About Work System


We develop and sell vehicle racking systems for vans and other service vehicles. Most of our solutions are locally produced in the Småland region of Sweden. Småland is not only a well known Swedish holiday destination and setting for Astrid Lindgren's books but also well known for its people's entrepreneurial drive and for being a centre for innovative entrepreneurship. The opportunities to cooperate with suppliers locally contributed largely to our company's success.

In Småland we found everything we needed to successfully start our own business. Our families and friends spent many nights with us working on our ideas and we are eternally grateful for their support. Right now, we have 50 amazing employees who focus all their energies to fill our Work System dream with life and provide our customers with great products and great service.


With its innovative product development and cutting-edge production methods, Work System offers its customers smart racking system solutions for their vehicles at competitive prices.
As our customers' needs differ, we have developed a modular range of racking solutions which can satisfy all types of customer requirements. Our systems belong to the most flexible of its kind in Europe. All shelves are designed in a modular manner which means they can be adapted to your needs. Additionally, Work System solutions can be flexibly extended due their modularity. Thus, you do not have to buy everything at once. Should you for instance need an additional drawer unit in the future this can be easily added to your existing racking system.


Quality matters to us. We listen to our customers' feedback and our racking systems are regularly tested and improved. We use state-of-the-art simulation techniques and send critical parts of our product range to the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden for crash testing.

The materials we use in production are mostly processed by robots which ensures high precision and lower production costs. All drawers run on ball-bearing rails which mean they can also be operated smoothly when heavily loaded.

We are confident that our products will serve your needs and are happy to offer you a free 36 months guarantee on our whole range of vehicle racking systems (terms and conditions apply).


For most of our customers the most effective use of their van's loading capacity and working time are the two major factors influencing their buying decision. However, many forget the most important factor - safety. Securing all materials and tools safely in your car protects not just you but also others whilst driving your vehicle. Check out our product videos to see what might happen if cargo is not safely secured during a collision.