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Save over 10% when buying the V-Basic Bundle Deal. The V-Basic Bundle includes rubber mats, 2 Transport Boxes, 5 Box 16s (which include 5 windows and 10 dividers).
2H 35 KG

£ 268
Price excl. VAT

You can save over 10% when you purchase the V-Basic bundle pack.

Included in the bundle are the following items:

1 V Basic £202

2 Transport Boxes £9 (each)

5 Box 16’s £7 (each)

5 Transparent Window for the Box 16 £1 (each)

10 dividers for the Box 16 £2 (each)

Rubber mats for the whole unit £42 per unit

Racking systems from Work System are produced in Sweden. They were

developed as a robust shelving solution for service vans and come with
a 36 months guarantee, 30-day refund/return policy (terms and conditions
apply) and a free mounting kit for the installation in your vehicle.

All our racking systems are modular which means they can be easily
extended or completed after the initial purchase. Should you and
your business have special requirements, feel free to contact our UK
customer helpline for advice or an individualised drawing fitting your 
needs and vehicle perfectly.

Work System also offer a wide range of accessories such as the rack boxes below.

Rack Boxes 

Box 10 £4

Length: 150 mm
Height: 130 mm 
Depth: 260 mm

Box 16 £7

Lenght: 240 mm
Height: 150 mm 
Depth: 400 mm

Transport Box 16 £9

Length: 300 mm
Height: 230 mm
Depth: 400 mm

Click here for more accessories

Work System produces 3 shelf series: Basic, Standard and Pro 

Basic shelves are available for the driver’s and passenger’s side
and provide simple storage space on different shelf levels.

Standard racking systems include all features of Basic shelves and
come with useful additions such as a drawer, box or case holder unit.

The Pro series is the series of choice for users in need of many
drawers (5 – 8), case, component box holders or special equipment. 

Length: 1290 mm / 51 in
Height: 1010 mm / 40 in
Depth: 410 mm / 16 in

Our racking systems are made of high-strength aluminium galvanised
lightweight steel with a thickness of 1 mm (shelves and drawers) to
1.25 mm (rack frames/side walls). Additionally, most edges are
double folded to provide all shelves with extra stability and prevent
sharp edges.

You can return your purchase within a 30 day period after delivery if you are not satisfied with our products.
Please see here for the applying terms and conditions.

36 Months Gurantee on all Work System racking systems
We are convinced of this high quality of our racking solutions. Thus we offer a free 36 months guarantee on all
Work System racking systems. Please click here for details.

Our general business terms apply to all orders placed in this webshop. You can find our terms and conditions here.

Content of racking system deliveries:
1x ordered racking system
1x manuel in English
1x installation set to mount the system in your vehicle 

Any accessories presented in product descriptions and photos such as boxes, smartboxes, tool cases, etc. are not
included in this offer. They serve only as examples to demonstrate the usage options of our racking systems.
However, a lot of these items are also on offer in this shop. Just have a look in the "Accessories" section.

Claims and Transport Damages
Any claims for transport damages or other damages must be made in writing to Work System right after delivery. 

Work System is proud to offer a 100%-Satisfaction-Guarantee to all its customers. This guarantee allows you to return
unused items within a 30 day period after delivery (terms & conditions apply). See our guarantees' page for more 
information (click here).