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Van racking or van shelving can add extra
storage options to your vans load space.

Whatever your needs Work System can provide you with a solution that’s both creative, safe and smart.
In addition to the full range of van shelving we also offer a wide range of accessories. Accessories such
as boxes, ladder holders, smart boxes and component boxes all designed with the idea that your
van shelving can be adapted as your needs change and grow. Click here for more details.

Quality van racking doesn't have to be expensive - 
keep your van smart, tidy, safe, legal, productive and pleasant to be in!

With the help of our selection tool you can identify all suitable racking systems for your vehicle. 
Identify your vehicle in three easy steps to choose from a range of 100% fitting racking systems.


Please note that all prices shown on our website are net prices.

To help our customers when they are buying van racking or van shelving, Work System can provide
the following pointers to help you on your way. When you go through to the next screen to look at
the van shelving you will notice the term “near side and off side” these refer to the different sides
of the van. The near side is the passenger side of the vehicle and the off side is the driver's side.

For the near side of the van Work System offer its range of H models. These models are normally
smaller than the off sides V range due to most vans having a door on the near side to access the
load space of the vehicle.

All our van racking or van shelving is produced here in Sweden and is made of a lightweight
aluminium steel. This makes it durable and tough, the van racking itself can hold up to 35kg
in weight and the drawers can hold almost 8kg.

When searching for racking for vans such as the range produced by Work Systems then the quality
of the product is something that all customer hold in high regard. As a potential Work System customer

you will be pleased to know that quality and quality assurance are something that is extremely important
to us as well. Our products are regularly sent for testing at the SP Research Institute of Sweden to ensure
that they meet the relevant safety standards.


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