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SHOP: Vehicle Accessories

Accessories Designed With Racking For Vans In Mind


In addition to selling racking for vans Work System also offers a wide range of accessories to enhance the van racking. Not only do they complement the racking with extra storage methods but they also allow you to develop your van shelving as your needs change.

Work System offer a wide range of accessories such as Smart Boxes. Smart Boxes can be fitted to the end of the racking and can be used to hold spray cans and adhesives.

Dividers are a very handy tool and can be used to simply put, divide the area on your shelves or drawers allowing you to store several different items in a neat and tidy fashion.

We also offer hooks which can fit smartly on the end of you van shelving and onto a tool board or indeed any peg board surface. They are ideal for hanging cables or specific individual tools on.

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